The Corporación de Inversión Standard C.A. (CISCA) is a leading company in the commercialization of chemical products for the oil industry, offering advanced solutions, from demulsifiers to paraffin and asphaltene inhibitors, boosting productivity with the maintenance of surface facilities. With a highly experienced and trained staff with certification in all areas.

We provide a series of resources to improve productivity…

Our set of products and professional services are fully available to our clients, both for operating companies and supplies for other service companies.

CISCA has developed a series of solutions for the control of asphaltene, scale and production fluid stabilizers, for a wide range of characteristics and applications.

With Operational Base in Maturín, Venezuela; CISCA has built a base of customers who have successfully acquired and implemented our products in oil field installations located in North Africa and the Middle East.

Passion for service

Our broad set of professional services serves a diverse clientele, applying an organizational approach that allows CISCA to evolve to the demands and requirements of new times.

Operational Excellence

We pursue operational excellence. From technical services to supplies, our dedication to quality drives success in the industry.

Environmental Commitment

CISCA promotes the industry with eco-friendly practices. Our services and supplies maximize productivity without compromising sustainability.

Continuous Innovation

At CISCA we promote R+D processes to offer unique solutions and overcome the changing needs of our clients.


We offer technical consulting services that enhance the growth of our clients.

Professional Ethics

Integrity guides our entire process chains. We practice solid ethics, guaranteeing transparency, responsibility and trust.

Social Responsability

We strive to positively impact the communities where we operate, supporting social projects and promoting general well-being.

Commitment to the environment

«I am committed to environmental sustainability in the oil industry. Our company operates responsibly, applying the best safety and environmental care practices. Our mission is to preserve our planet for future generations. We are dedicated to leading the change towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, where energy and respect for the environment coexist in harmony».

Youján Mavarez

CEO of Corporación de Inversión Standard, C.A.