The Company

The Corporación de Inversión Standard, C.A. (CISCA) was created in 2014.

Its main reasons are to provide multidisciplinary services and supply cutting-edge products aimed at satisfying the needs of the national and international oil sector, with a field of action in the disciplines of: chemistry, Christmas trees, instrumentation, automation and control. We have widely trained and certified personnel in all areas.


To be the quintessential multidisciplinary company in the provision of services tailored to each of its clients, supplying innovative products that comprehensively meet the needs in various industrial sectors, addressing the most demanding market requirements, and delivering optimal service under the strictest standards of quality and environmental sustainability.


To be the main multidisciplinary company at a national and international level, complying with the highest levels of quality, with cutting-edge technology and under the slogan: «we sell solutions, not just a product», guaranteeing the total satisfaction of our customers.