Chemical Division

At CISCA, we are positioned in the oil supply and service market, we have perfected a diverse range of solutions designed specifically to address the challenges of controlling asphaltene, scale and stabilizers in production fluids.

Our broad portfolio of products and services adapts to a wide spectrum of characteristics and applications in the industry, providing precise and effective responses to operational complexities. From asphaltene inhibition to scale management, our solutions are the result of a unique combination of advanced technical expertise and a deep understanding of the changing needs of the oil sector.

At CISCA, we are proud to offer tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability in oil production, ensuring the continued success of our customers in a dynamic and challenging operating environment.


Our emulsion breakers are designed based on field conditions and fluid characterization to guarantee the development of efficient products capable of offering stability and consistency in the dehydration process.

Support service and redesign of the product injection system is also offered to optimize consumption, reduce costs, minimize contingency activities due to out-of-specification crude oil and sharpen the performance of the treatment provided.

  • CWO Series
  • IWOZ Series

Asphaltenes Inhibitor

Through a thorough analysis of fluids, at CISCA, we create advanced asphaltenes inhibitors and dispersants designed to effectively mitigate the accumulation of asphaltenes.

These products go beyond simple prevention, strengthening the resins present in the fluid to ensure that asphaltenes remain in solution in a sustainable manner.

This approach not only controls deposit formation, but also ensures uniform and consistent dispersion of asphaltenes, thus optimizing efficiency and reliability in petroleum operations.

  • FAS Series

Paraffin Dispersant

Designed to optimize operation, our dispersant promotes water wetting on pipes and rock formations, unlocking flow and reducing paraffin formation.

But that is not all. Our innovative formula keeps paraffin crystals continuously dispersed, avoiding blockages and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted performance.

  • PPF Series