International Experience


This field test was carried out with daily monitoring with controlled sampling in tanks 10001 and 10002 in the presence of the corresponding personnel.

Demulsifier injection began in July 2019 with 19 ppm, equivalent to 4.8 gallons per day. A series of adjustments were made, finding an optimal point at 8 ppm, equivalent to 2 gallons per day without affecting the quality of the crude oil for sale.


This demulsifier was designed to treat serious problems with emulsions stabilized with paraffins and asphaltenes in interfaces and tank bottoms, generating high costs in the application of contingency products to achieve sales specifications.

It is a fast-acting product, with low dosages and high performance in crude oil dehydration (dual action in waxy crudes) and deep injection in two wells with stable asphaltenes, which made it possible to eliminate additional work in the operation.


With our range of asphaltene dispersants, it is possible for Algeria to maintain its high percentage of asphaltenes in solution with adequate tendencies and conditions.


We were contacted to design a product capable of breaking emulsions with a short residence time and sub-dimensioned surface equipment for the volume of production that the company handles.

The appropriate product is designed to obtain satisfactory results according to the mentioned drawbacks to work in a short time <20 min, break and fall of 99% of the water content and dose <25 PPM.